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Most homeowners think that all electricians are the same and can perform all electrical duties. The truth is that different electricians have different experiences based on their field of specialisation. Homeowners should always find domestic electrical services every time they need an electrical installation, repair, or maintenance. This is because domestic electrical services are specialised in offering residential services and home projects. 

What do domestic electrical services do?

If your home needs complete wiring, repair, or maintenance of the electrical system, we at ElecSmith Electrical Services have experts who will perform your project while maintaining the required standards. Our ultimate objective is to ensure customer satisfaction. We also want people to have peace of mind without worrying about electrical faults that can be risky. Below are some of the top domestic electrical services we provide:

  • Electrical wiring in houses and garages
  • Rewiring during home renovations
  • Home alarm installation
  • CCTV installation Melbourne
  • Light installation Melbourne
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Security camera installation Melbourne
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Garden power and lighting
  • Electrical inspection

Why should you hire domestic electrical services?

Some homeowners will want to attempt electrical installations or repairs on their own, thinking that they’ll save money. However, this isn’t the case. Electricity is very dangerous and requires a professional who’s skilled and experienced in the field. A simple mistake in electrical handling can result in a quick death. This is why it’s essential to hire a domestic electrical service every time you need a new installation or repair of the existing electrical system. Below are some top reasons why it’s essential to hire domestic electrical services:


Handling electricity involves a lot of safety aspects that only a professional electrician understands. DIY electrical projects can lead to fire outbreaks or electrocution that result in death. If you hire a professional electrician, you’ll rest assured that all electrical fixtures are well installed, meaning that you and your family are safe.

Proper certification

An expert electrician has the necessary skills acquired in both learning and practical sessions. It’s mandatory for them to get these skills before they’re licensed to operate in this field. Hiring an expert electrician will give you peace of mind knowing that everything is in safe hands and that you are guaranteed with quality service. You’ll also get long-term electrical solutions and fewer future problems.


Homeowners can’t easily tell the source of an electrical problem. Furthermore, they may even extend the level of damage without knowing when trying to find what’s wrong. On the other hand, a professional electrical service will easily identify the problem source and fix it right away without any hesitation.

Saves money

If you decide to do it yourself, you might do the installation or repairs wrongly. Additionally, you’ll be required to purchase the equipment needed in the process, which can be expensive. Making wrong installations will simply increase the costs upon hiring an expert to make the necessary adjustments. Hiring a domestic electrical service will help you save your money by doing everything right on the first attempt.

Protection from liability

The handling of electricity systems involves a lot of risks, such as property damage or electrocution. A professional electrician is properly insured. This insurance coverage helps to cater for any damages that result during the handling of your electrical system. If you decide to DIY electrical projects, then you’ll be liable for any damage or injury that occurs.

Qualifications of domestic electrical services

Generally, to become a qualified domestic electrician, it’s a requirement to have completed the Australian apprenticeship that involves a certificate in Electrotechnology Electrician and some assessments. Here, you’ll have both theory and practical sessions. By the time you’re fully qualified, you’ll also have to be employed by an electrical company where you’ll be assigned a supervisor to monitor and mentor you to gain the required skills.

Why hire ElecSmith Electrical Services?

At ElecSmith Electrical Services, we offer the best electrical solutions to all our esteemed customers. Below are some top reasons why you should work with us:

24/7 availability

We offer all our electrical services all-round clock including emergency services. You can contact us anytime, and we’ll respond.

Excellent customer service

We have an excellent customer service team that’ll timely respond to your queries and communicate the procedures to follow without any delays.


Our entire team is well trained and experienced in handling all domestic electrical issues. We have been in business for over 35 years, meaning that we understand all electrical problems and their solutions.


We’re a licensed company meaning that we work under certain regulations to maintain the set standards.


We offer all our services at affordable and discounted rates.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, these are some of the top reasons to work with us. If you’re a resident of Melbourne and you need expert domestic electrical services, ElecSmith Electrical Services is the best solution. For more information regarding our electrical services, you can visit our website and contact us via 0404 027 457 and we’ll get back to you right away.

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