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Looking to upgrade or replace your switchboard or fuse box?

You don’t want to turn on the kettle and start a fire. Or plug in your laptop and have it self-destruct in a power surge. And you certainly don’t want to electrocute yourself making toast.

The question you need to ask yourself is how safe am I?

Every home needs to have a safety switch that protects all the circuits. Do you? Is it working? When was it last tested? How old is your switchboard? If the lights flicker it’s probably an old one.

Every switchboard should have a minimum of two safety switches.

In the past, old fuses boxes, with re-wirable fuses, were designed with cable overload or short-circuit protection in mind. Today, the risk of electrical shock has risen dramatically with the number of home appliances we use. That’s why an up-to-date switchboard is essential.

New homes have been required to have safety switches since 1990. So if you live in a home older than that, then the extra load your system carries; like pool filters, air-conditioning and stoves are daily electrocution and fire hazards.

If that’s your situation then a switchboard upgrade is vital. You need a switchboard that can handle electricity efficiently and safely, control power surges and keep the supply of current flowing smoothly and seamlessly to every outlet in the walls, and into every appliance plugged in. And it needs to do it safely.

If you have even the slightest concern about the switchboard situation in your home or commercial environment, it’s best to get it checked immediately. Don’t wait until someone’s in hospital or the place has burned down and you’re standing in the street in your pyjamas.

Contact Elecsmith now for a licensed Melbourne electrician and we will carry out an on-site inspection.

At Elecsmith, all our work is conducted with a Certificate of Electrical Safety provided.

Our highly professional team have Victorian A Grade Electrical licences, Registered Electrical Contractors Licences as well as Plumbing licences. No job is too big or too small; domestic environments, like home switchboards, or commercial environments with shop or factory switchboards.

Whether it’s to carry out switchboard upgrades, repairs or electrical services throughout Melbourne, our attention to detail, customer service and electrical safety ensure that all your electrical needs are done professionally, on time and in budget. Energy efficiency and safety is a mandatory requirement in keeping your family, home, employees and business well lit, at an even temperature and safe.

Electricity is an incredibly powerful force. It can easily kill. Have you plugged in an electrical device and felt a small tingle in your fingers? The electricity has interrupted your nerve endings. You need to get an electrician in to take a look at your switchboard.

Don’t wait until the surge interrupts your heart. Electricity flows through the cables in your walls at 2.9 kilometres per millisecond. A safety switch’s response time is 89.8 kilometres per millisecond. It doesn’t get much safer than that.

Get your switchboard checked. Now.

Call us on 0404 027 457.

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