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Right now, it is very unreal to imagine life without electricity or better yet a licensed electrician. Some years ago, people used candlelight and lamps as a source of light in dark places or during nighttime. Today the world is reliant on electricity as a power source such that in case of a power outage, everything stops. Electricity helps us watch television, use the internet, warm our food in microwaves, and so on.

All these connections to make electricity work at home or in the workplace could not be possible if it were not for licensed electricians. Electricians are like modern-day superheroes. In case of power outages, they will always work around the clock to fix it as fast as possible. A licensed electrician from ElecSmith Electrical Services will do lots of maintenance and repair, as you will discover in this guide.

What Does a Licensed Electrician Do?

Generally, electricians are tradespeople. They plan, install and maintain the wiring systems that carry electricity in different environments. These may be in commercial buildings, residential homes, or even in industrial machinery. Our electricity gurus may work outside or inside depending on the job requirement. Typically, below are some of the activities our electrician handles:

Read electrical, mechanical, and architectural drawings or diagrams

An electrician reads all the architectural and mechanical diagrams. That is to assess the environment and see whether their electrical system can be put in place. They have to survey the diagram of the building to install electricity.


Check the electrical specifications to know the job requirements

The licensed electrician will look at all the electrical theories and specifications before installing the electrical system. From there, they will know what is needed for the job to be completed.


Identify the suitable apparatus for a job

Our electrician is supposed to know what they should carry as they come to complete a given task. It is their work to determine what to carry and what to leave behind.


Installation of conduits, power outlets, cable trays, circuit breakers, ladder racks, and emergency lighting

Electricians are responsible for the installation of all these systems. In fact, almost anything that runs on electricity is their field of practice. They perform all electrical installations.


Connect electrical appliances and equipment

A licensed electrician connects electrical appliances to work together. They will connect your television to the soundbar, among other electrical connections.


Carry out fault-finding

Electricians are tasked with fault-finding in any electrical system. They are supposed to look for flaws in the system that make the system not function properly.


Repair and maintain electrical appliances

We test and repair the electrical appliances. In case of faults in the system, they will assess why there is a shortage, and if the fuse is broken, they will fix it or any other issue.


Install automated electrical controls

Electricians fix automated electrical controls. These are controls that govern the system and control temperature, shade, lighting, or appliances. This is done to save energy and money.


Install data and voice cabling

Electricians are tasked with the installation of data and voice cabling. These are the parameters that enable communication as well as electronic information between two or more points.

Why Use a Licensed Electrician?

Our electrician will not only work diligently on the electrical system, but they will also make sure there are no other potential problems after a repair. There are many more advantages of working with us at ElecSmith Electrical Services, and they include:


One of the significant reasons to hire a licensed electrician is safety. An electrician has been taught all about safety on the job, and they know how to dress, what type of shoes to put on, what tools they need, and so on. They have been fully trained to remain safe as they touch all the electrical components. Doing the electrical maintenance, yourself could be very risky since you are untrained and do not have the required tools or clothing to handle that.



These are professionals who have undergone thorough testing and training before they are licensed as electricians. To acquire the license, the electrician must apprentice for at least two years with a qualified electrician. They must also pass their exam to become licensed, which means that you are working with a professional when you work with a licensed one. You will be sure the problem will be solved.



When you hire electricians, you are basically trusting them to carry out some tasks for you successfully. Many stories are told of how people once hired some “experienced professionals” to work on some hitches in their system, but these ‘professionals’ messed up the entire system and disappeared. Unlicensed electricians will disappear without a trace.

If you get a licensed electrician from ElecSmith, there will be full accountability. 

Qualifications to be an electrician

  • First, you have to earn a high school diploma
  • Attend a vocational-technical school
  • Apply for apprenticeship
  • Register as an electrician apprentice
  • Complete the apprenticeship
  • Get licensed

Bottom Line

Hire an electrician from us at ElecSmith Electrical Services to get the best and top services. We have experienced experts who will work on any electrical systems you have. We are just one call away.

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