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It is essential that you only have a licensed electrician deal with your electrical needs. You must hire a licensed electrician for the sake of your safety and those around you. A licensed electrician from ElecSmith can help you complete all the tasks listed below. Our friendly team is ready to assist. Get in touch with us now!

Licensed Electrician Melbourne Services

The licensed electricians at ElecSmith are ready to handle anything that you need done. Our team of qualified electricians can give you a full estimate for the work that needs to be done. Our qualified and professional electricians will present you with the various options when explaining the work. With our excellent knowledge and skill, our qualified electricians can simplify the most complex of work. In some cases, extra materials are required to complete the work. Our team of licensed electricians will discuss this with you and advise you of the costs involved.

Electrical Wiring From A Qualified Electrician

A qualified electrician will help you with wiring problems in the house, new wire installation, and wiring for appliances. You might want to ask the electrician if they can make repairs to the wires that are already in the house. The team at ElecSmith are fully licensed and qualified to deal with your electrical wiring needs. Importantly, all our work is done to the highest standards and comply with regulation. Safety is paramount when it comes to electrical wiring. Contact ElecSmith to have a licensed electrician visit your home or business!

Home Alarm Installation

At ElecSmith, we have installed all different types of home alarms. The installation is always performed by a licensed electrician who knows exactly what they are doing. Our work is neat and tidy with wiring hidden where possible. We do our best to make the wiring blend in with the home. Our professional team has the skills to install your home alarm. For reliable home alarm installation, have a qualified electrician from ElecSmith do the work. No job is too big or too small when it comes to home alarm installation.

TV Antenna Installation

TV antenna installation must be completed by a licensed electrician to ensure your safety. You need to make certain that the antenna has been powered properly, and you do not want to leave the antenna exposed to the elements if possible. When this is the case, you could incur damage during a storm. A proper electrician will cover everything, protect your antenna, and give you the best signal possible. The team at ElecSmith know exactly how to install your TV antenna. Contact us today to have a licensed electrician visit your home for TV antenna installation.

CCTV Installation Melbourne Services

CCTV installation should be done by a licensed electrician so that the CCTV camera is installed correctly. This will help with better clarity when viewing the imagery. Our electricians can hide the cameras for you, or they can set up something that is wired to your home’s power supply. Nowadays, wireless cameras are extremely popular. Obviously, they still need to be connected to a power source to operate. Our team of licensed electricians can install and setup the wiring for your CCTV camera in a professional manner.

Security Camera Installation Melbourne

Security camera installation is very similar to the CCTV installation mentioned above. There are a number of places where you could place a camera to protect yourself, and the wires can be added to the home’s power supply. Our team can safely install the security camera in a convenient location for you. Installing the security camera in the right place is important to your security. It is recommended that you discuss the installation with ElecSmith prior to the installation commencing. Our team has excellent experience in security camera installation.

Light Installation Melbourne

Light installation should be done by a licensed electrician to reduce any safety risks. A qualified electrician from ElecSmith will install the lights to your home’s power grid. Choosing the right lights is essential to your power bill. Our professional team can discuss with you and make recommendations which lights should be installed in your home of office. In addition, you need to consider placement of the light switch in your home. Our licensed electricians will find the ideal spot to install the light switch in a convenient place.

Why Hire A Qualified Electrician?

You should hire a qualified electrician to ensure all work is performed safely. Unsafe workmanship can lead to electrical faults which can cause fire and danger. The team at ElecSmith are licensed and qualified to do all electrical work in Melbourne. We are proud of our work and go out of our to reach our customers expectations.
Safety is paramount when it comes to electrical work. Do not risk any danger by attempting to do-it-yourself as this can end terribly.

ElecSmith are your local licensed electrical contractors. We are certified and a member of Energy Safe Victoria. We specialise in:

If you are facing an electrical situation that is dangerous or you are facing fire, call Triple Zero first. You may want to consider getting in touch with the Victorian State Emergency Services (SES).

For a list of electricity distributors in Victoria, please visit the Victoria State Government website.

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