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We can wire new homes or rewire your existing home in Melbourne.

Whether you have a new build home or a period home, it has to be wired correctly or it’s a standing fire hazard, or it could lead to an electrocution. Either way, it’s a fatal accident waiting to happen.

In fact if your house is 25 years, or older, it will probably need to be rewired. It certainly should be done if you are planning to buy a building within that age bracket. A good time to check if it’s necessary is when you’re renovating or remodelling. If you are planning to make major alterations, like extensions, converting a loft, attic or garage, then the existing wiring will have to be enhanced. This will include upgrading the switchboard, so it can carry the additional electrical supply demands, is earthed to current requirements and has satisfactory earth-bonding.

If you are buying an older or period house in Melbourne, ask to see the switchboard when you inspect the building.

An old-fashioned fuse box with big white ceramic- style fuses, an array of different socket and switch styles, or surface-mounted wiring running along skirting boards and walls, could indicate a potential complete rewiring will be needed. You will have to factor that into the cost of your purchase or refurbishment.

Your renovation project may not need a complete rewiring, but you need to make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are earth-bonded. If they’re not, electrocution is a very real and alive danger. Earth-bonding prevents electrocution from any fault that occurs causing metal plumbing, bath, taps, house hot water unit to become dangerously live. The lack of earth-bonding doesn’t affect how the electrical circuits in the house function, which means it’s often overlooked until an accident happens.

Electricity in wet areas is where the greatest danger of electrocution lurks, which is why there are special restrictions on electrical work in places like bathrooms; power sockets are allowed sparingly and they have to be far from splash areas.

There are so many things to look for and it’s potentially such a dangerous task that you need a qualified electrician to do it for you.

At ElecSmith, all our work is conducted with a Certificate of Electrical Safety provided. Our highly professional team have Victorian A Grade Electrical licences, Registered Electrical Contractors Licences as well as Plumbing licences. Primarily located in Melbourne’s South-East bayside and with over 35 years of combined, qualified experience in the electrical industry, our aim is to supply our customers with up-to-date product knowledge and a job done on time and in budget. Our attention to detail, customer service, ability to provide the most cost and energy-effective power supply, along with an acute awareness of electrical safety, is what sets us apart in Melbourne. We design, install, repair and maintain all of your electrical needs and requirements.

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