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Electricity and electrical appliances are a necessity for everyday life. Electricity is used for many appliances in your home such as heating, cooling, washing, cooking, watching television and much more. When your appliances are working well you can go about your daily routine worry-free. But there are times when problems with electricity and electrical appliances can deny you the peace and comfort you enjoy. Faulty wiring and plugs, blown extension cords, misbehaving lighting and heating systems are just some of the electrical safety issues that remind you that you need to have a reliable electrician on standby to ensure that everything is working well.

If you live in Melbourne, ElecSmith is a leading electrical contracting service dedicated to provide A-grade electrical services and ensure that you are safe. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, or whether you need indoor out outdoor electrical work, ElecSmith has experience working on all electrical environments. Whenever you need an electrician in Melbourne, do not hesitate to contact ElecSmith. Our highly qualified and dedicated electricians will respond to your issue with the timeliness it requires.

Electrical Safety Tips

Shocking statistics about electrical fires show that most electrical fires start from wiring problems, faulty plugs or extension cords, and malfunctioning electrical appliances. Keep a keen eye on your property to make sure you identify any of these problems and have an electrician inspect it immediately. Having regular electrical safety checks is of absolute importance as it helps to identify areas to pay close attention on the next time your electrician is carrying out electrical safety inspection and maintenance.

Does DIY Electrical Work Affect my Electrical Safety?

DIY electrical work is dangerous and unnecessary. Unless you are a qualified and licensed Melbourne electrician, it is wise to let the professionals do their electrical safety inspection and solve whatever issue appropriately. In addition to putting yourself and others at risk of electrical dangers, DIY electrical work can also affect your house insurance cover. DIY electrical work by an unqualified person is illegal. Should a fire result from unqualified DIY electrical work, the insurance company may choose not to compensate you for the damage the fire causes.

To make sure that you are attended by a qualified Melbourne electrician, ensure you get ElecSmith to do your electrical safety checks. Our team of licensed electricians are fully qualified and insured. We carry out all work to the highest standards and pride ourselves on excellent customer service.

ElecSmith professional electricians offer a range of services including electrical safety checks, installation and upgrading of electrical switchboards, cables and wiring, diagnosing electrical malfunctions, and electrical maintenance on electrical systems. We do this safely, in compliance with Victorian Standards. After performing electrical work on your property, we can leave you with a Certificate of Electrical Safety.

For the best electrical safety solutions in Melbourne, call Call ElecSmith on 0404 027 457 when you are:

  • Home wiring for a new building
  • Revamping old and faulty wiring
  • Upgrading your lighting or heating system
  • Are concerned about some problematic signs from your electrical appliances
  • Doing outdoor lighting for Christmas, weddings or other special event
  • Planning for your regular electrical safety inspection and maintenance

At ElecSmith, every electrical job means more than seeing that the electrical system and appliances are working well. It means keeping you safe. You can rely on the 35 years of combined experience of ElecSmith electricians. Call today for a quote, advice, and schedule for an electrical safety check.

ElecSmith are your local licensed electrical contractors. We are certified and a member of Energy Safe Victoria. We specialise in:

If you are facing an electrical situation that is dangerous or you are facing fire, call Triple Zero first. You may want to consider getting in touch with the Victorian State Emergency Services (SES).

For a list of electricity distributors in Victoria, please visit the Victoria State Government website.

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