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We can help design and install a range of energy efficient LED lighting

Our professional and experienced electricians can help design and install a range of energy efficient LED lighting for your home or office.

A traditional light bulb lasts for about 750 hours. LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lights last 29 250 hours longer, immediately reducing waste, and using less energy. Because of their longevity, LEDs are perfect for hard-to-reach fixtures; recessed lighting on a high ceiling or high hanging, suspended lamps.

But there’s more than that to encourage you to buy LEDs. Unlike traditional bulbs, they produce light without heat, saving electricity. Being an extremely energy efficient lighting choice, they emit high-levels of brightness and intensity with low voltage and current requirements. Unlike the fragile traditional bulbs, which seem to break as you take them out the box, LEDs are physically robust; resistant to shock and vibration. Their smaller size and faster switching make them easily controllable and programmable. As a result, they support both traditional and modern lighting scenarios – everything from domestic and corporate environments, aviation lighting, automotive headlamps, advertising, traffic signals, and camera flashes. They are perfect for homes, museums or product displays as they radiate a uniform light. They are the light source in all new down-lights.

An LED down-light is a directional, smarter and more efficient way to light a room.

Don’t let the price tag scare you. The LED will be paying for itself over and over again for a long time to come. When used as a down-light, the light fitting is fixed into a cavity in a ceiling concentrating the light downwards either as a flood or a spotlight. Most LED light fittings are dimmable.

The installation process starts with finding out how your household wiring system is set up. It will dictate the type of light fitting you’ll need. There’s also LED transformers, possibly new dimmer switches, as you can’t use the same dimmer switch you had for the traditional light bulbs. But to start with, the first thing you need to do is choose the right intensity, just like you do with a traditional bulb. But unlike the old bulbs, we no longer work in Watts. Now, they’re called Lumens. A traditional bulb of 75 to 100 Watts produces a Lumen level of 1210 Lumens. The LED with Wattage of 9 – 13 does the same.

Then you’ll need to choose the colour of the light. You will be spending a large amount of time bathed in the hue of this light. You’ll want something that will be pleasant and inviting. Thankfully, LEDs come in a number of colours as well as a variety of whites, from warm white or soft white, which is closer to the traditional light bulb, to bright white. Installing LED light fittings isn’t that difficult, but it has to be done properly. Which is why, for all your LED lighting needs and upgrades in Melbourne you need to call us. We handle all strip lighting, home and indoor, as well as outdoor LED lights.

At Elecsmith, all our work is conducted with a Certificate of Electrical Safety provided.

Our highly professional team have Victorian A Grade Electrical licences, Registered Electrical Contractors Licences as well as Plumbing licences.

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