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Switchboards are the central hub of a home’s entire electrical distribution. Usually, electrical power comes from the street into a switchboard, and then it directs the current through several circuits around your home. Therefore, switchboard upgrades are highly essential for improving both the safety of you and your family as well as improving the functionality of your power supply.

While doing switchboard upgrades is essential, finding a reliable electrician or an electrical company to help you with the all process is equally important. Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a reliable electrical company within Australia, you should consider checking out ElecSmith Electrical Services. Here, we guarantee you will receive high-tech service from experienced and licensed electricians. With that said, let’s get started on today’s topic.

This is a process that involves replacing all the ceramic fuses for fuses, modern RCDs as well as safe circuit breakers. The whole process occurs in an enclosed environment as well as tidying and rewiring of cables located at the back of the panel; before completing with testing, the whole installation as well as residence.

Switch upgrades can also involve smart meters, new service fuses, asbestos panel replacement, and upgrading the consumer’s main cable. This process is highly essential when it comes to making your home safe while improving the power supply within your home and meeting the requirements from the Australian Electrical Standards.

When should you do a switchboard upgrade?

Your switchboard needs to be assessed at least once in five years and it is vital that you do a switchboard upgrade once every 20 years. Although older fuses still operate smoothly, they predispose you to a fatal electrical accident.

Most electricians will conduct a switchboard upgrade once they install a new electrical appliance in their home. This is vital for improving the power supply and meeting your house’s power demands. When performing an update on a certain part of your circuit breaker, you might as well redo the whole box for easier conversions in the future.

You should also consider working with an experienced and licensed electrician whenever the circuit breaker keeps tripping and performs a switchboard upgrade. In fact, do so when the circuit breaker fails to trip out whenever an electrical device malfunctions.

Why should you upgrade your switchboard?

Are you not sure if your home requires switchboard upgrades? Well, if this is the case, here are reasons why you will need to call your electrician and book for a switchboard upgrade service:

Safety requirements

First and foremost, you will need to meet all electrical standards as per Australian electrical law. Over the years, electrical safety requirements, work practices, and wiring standards in Australia have changed significantly. What was once considered a standard electrical practice is now seen as unsafe as well as negligent.

The central point of an electrical system

As aforementioned, switchboards are the center of your home’s electrical system; therefore, having it in a good state is vital for the performance of all your electrical appliances. From your coffee machine to the air conditioning system, switchboards are vital for supplying electricity to all electrical gadgets in a home. This means that when your switchboard is faulty it might affect the whole of your home’s electrical appliances.

Increase power demand

In today’s world, the need for power has grown significantly than it was for the past 20 to 30 years. Nowadays, a standard home features lots of electrical appliances meaning that your electrical system will have to supply significantly high power. If you are using an old fuse box, it will be struggling to cope with the increase in power demand. In such cases, it might lead to major issues such as fire hazards, overheating, or electrical accidents.


Safety switches

Safety switches are highly essential when it comes to improving your and your family’s safety. In most parts of Australia, it is mandatory to install a safety switch to your home’s power point circuit to prevent electrical accidents. Therefore, if your home isn’t equipped with one, or even more, you and your family are being exposed to a potential electrical accident.

Unsafe fuses

Some fuses such as ceramic fuse are considered unsafe for use. Such fuses do not offer the level of protection a modern circuit breaker provides. You will need to hire a trained and licensed electrical engineer to help you install a modern and safer fuse for use.

Saves money

Having a malfunctioning circuit breaker will cause your home to trip more often which will have you calling your electrician many times. This will cost you lots of money that you have used for other essential things if your home had been switched board updated.

Minimizes electrical fire risk

If your fuse holder arcs, it might end up spreading heat to other circuits. As a result, more heat will be created and more arcs will be formulated. If the earthling of your switch box is not up to per, a fire might start and it can be catastrophic.

Final words

Performing switchboard upgrades is vital for improving both safety and productivity at your home. And if you are on the lookout for a reliable electrical company in Australia, you should consider checking out ElecSmith Electrical Service.

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