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For professional and experienced domestic and commercial switchboard upgrades in Melbourne.

Electricity plays a pivotal role in making our homes lively and our productivity in the commercial environment achievable. While there are tons of installations made for electrical purposes, the electrical switchboard remains one of the most crucial. However, switchboards may become overwhelmed or outdated especially with technical requirements such as appliances and lighting. At this point, switchboard upgrades prove worthwhile to match up to the needs. We offer professional switchboard upgrades in Melbourne with services just a call away.

So, What is a Switchboard?

While some people are quite informed about electricity and its components, we cannot assume that everyone comprehends what a switchboard is and what purpose it serves. Notably, an electrical switchboard refers to a centralised board that helps direct electricity around your premises. Its main purpose remains to be the redirection of electricity from the main supply to the various areas of your premises. Simply, an electrical switchboard is your central electricity control hub that ensures an organised and optimal flow of electricity around your premises.

Do I Need a Switchboard Upgrade?

If the safety of your premises is a priority for you and your premises, then upgrading your switchboard might be a consideration to make. An old switchboard poses danger to your home owing to its probable continuous electrical overflows which might wreak havoc to your commercial or domestic space. Hence it is advisable to have regular inspections on whether your premises might need a switchboard upgrade.

Additionally, if you notice some strange performance by your switchboard then opting in for switchboard upgrades might not be a choice but a requirement. In such a scenario, you might need to seek the help of a professional electrician to advise if you need a switchboard upgrade or not, while fixing the issue. Other reasons why you might need a switchboard upgrade include;

  • If you consider using a solar panel
  • If you need to use a legislation-compliant switchboard
  • If your new smart meter requires a modern switchboard

With most of the modern switchboards possessing inbuilt safety switches, you might need to upgrade to one for lower risks of electrical shocks and fire.

Signs to Look Out for Establish Probable Need for Switchboard Upgrade

You can personally diagnose your switchboard for upgrade needs without the need for an electrician. However, there is a need to have a professional electrician from a reputable service provider like ElecSmith Electrical Services to handle your switchboard upgrade needs especially when you are unsure. Here are a few warning signs that call for a switchboard upgrade;

  • Short-circuiting appliances
  • Constant fuse blows
  • Overcrowded wiring
  • Sparks and noise around your current switchboard
  • Hot power points
  • Electrical shocks

Notably, we cannot exhaust the signs that your building requires a switchboard upgrade. Hence, reach out to us through 0404 027 457 to have our licensed professionals handle your switchboard upgrade needs.

Why Do You Need a Licensed Electrician to Handle Your Switchboard Upgrades Needs?

While there are tons of DIY electrical fixes you can do at home, a switchboard upgrade is not one. You will require a licensed professional to handle such needs. Notably, a licensed electrician proves worthwhile having him possess the right skill set to handle the switchboard upgrade needs optimally and efficiently. Here, you can avoid any safety issues that may arise when the upgrade is done by an unlicensed and unprofessional electrician.

Additionally, a licensed electrician possesses the right equipment to finish the job correctly, hence saving you time and money. You can also take pride in hiring a licensed electrician since they can offer switchboard upgrades replacing your old switchboards with a legislation-compliant one.

What Factors Do We Consider While Conducting Switchboard Upgrades?

You don’t have to worry about the cost of our services since we offer switchboard upgrades at an affordable cost in Melbourne. Notably, to achieve the most optimal and fair cost for a switchboard upgrade we consider the following factors.

  • Number of circuits required
  • Materials your current switchboard is made of
  • Brand of electrical products used for the upgrade
  • Type of cabling in your premises
  • Labor costs

How to Upgrade Switchboards

As earlier mentioned, switchboard upgrades are not a DIY project hence you might require a professional to handle your switchboard upgrade needs. The following are the steps you need to follow on upgrading your switchboard with ElecSmith Electrical Services.

#1- Call our customer service hotline

Reach out to our customer service helpdesk at 0404 027 457 for fast assistance.

#2- Ask for a quote (If you need one immediately)

At ElecSmith Electrical Services, we offer you a chance to get a quote for your switchboard upgrade needs. Take advantage of the free quotation from our professional electricians.

#3- Let our team locate your premises for professional services

Allow our highly experienced electricians to locate you for a fast, affordable, and reliable switchboard upgrade for both your commercial and residential premises. Our services are offered across Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula.

Why Choose Us

Here at ElecSmith Electrical Services, we give our customers tons of reasons why they should seek our top electrical help services. Some of the reasons include;

  • safety
  • Our services are affordable
  • Our professionals pay attention to details
  • We use the latest technology to fix your electrical needs
  • We respond timely to your requests

While making the optimal choice for the best switchboard upgrade services can be a daunting task, we offer you every single reason to reach out to them for our services. For professional switchboard upgrades by licensed electricians, call us on 0404 027 457 and get a free quote for your switchboard upgrade.

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