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If you have a commercial premise like a mall, shop, or industrial complex, you may require the intervention of a commercial electrician. This is a professional who is trained to handle and fix the electrical systems of commercial installations. We dedicate the entire content of this blog to know more about this professional.

Roles Of A Commercial Electrician

Typically, a commercial electrician performs the following tasks:

Install electrical systems

The number one task of a commercial electrician is to install the electrical systems. This professional has every tool, experience, and expertise required to tackle this chore. In fact, in many cases, this is the only role that these professionals do play.

Maintain the wirings

Next in line is the maintenance of the wirings. As with any other piece of home installations, the wirings also do get torn and worn out. They subsequently need to be revamped and kept in the best shapes and forms all the time. Yet again, these professionals come in here to do this job well.

Repair the inadequate circuits

As part and parcel of maintaining the wiring are the repairs of the inadequate circuits. Under this, the electrician fixes those parts and components that are old or worn out to the extent of not performing well. This is a role that is absolutely necessary as it works to enhance the safety of the rooms.

Replace faulty electrical installations

When the electrical components finally get too worn and tattered to operate effectively, the electrician will yet again come in here to replace the system components altogether. This simply entails getting hold of a proper component and fixing it in the place of one that is too tattered.

Make recommendations for improvements

Outside their core roles of maintaining the electrical systems, these professionals also provide advisory and consultancy services to their clients. If you suspect that all is not well with your systems or would just like to know the way forward, you may have to bring them in.


Below are the common services that are provided for by these professionals:

  • Tenant services and improvements
  • Electrical panel installation and upgrades
  • Lighting upgrades and retrofits
  • New construction
  • General maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Lamp replacements and installations
  • Fire security and alarms
  • Motor controls
  • Solar/Photovoltaic/PV Panels
  • Telephone and data wiring

Importance Of Hiring A Professional Commercial Electrician

Inasmuch as you may singlehandedly tackle the electrical wiring and maintenance in your home, this is a task that is best delegated to a qualified and trained commercial electrician. Below are some of the reasons that underlie this:

Conversance with the subject matter

These professionals are conversant with the subject matter. This simply means they have the skill, experience, and expertise necessary to do a great job. It is highly unlikely that you may do a good job on your own as an ordinary homeowner.

Save yourself some time and effort

By choosing to have a qualified professional do the job for you, you stand to save some time and effort. You do not need to set aside your busy schedule to do the job. Instead, you get to focus on the other chores that equally matter to you at that time.

Possession of the necessary licenses 

Most jurisdictions demand that those who undertake electrical work be licensed. The failure to possess this licence might mean you not allowed to tackle the chore. If you go ahead and tackle it without the license, you may be prosecuted or fined. Hire a qualified electrician and get yourself some peace of mind.

Safer option

Electricity is potentially hazardous. If handled recklessly, it may usually give rise to accidents. To be on the safe side, you want to bring in a professional who is not only well-versed in the subject matter but also has the protective gear that is necessary for the maximum safety of your premise as well.

What It Takes To Be A Commercial Electrician In Australia

To be a commercial electrician in Australia, you need to meet the following criteria:

Step I: Complete the necessary training

You will first of all complete the necessary training. 

Step II: Obtain a “Certificate of Proficiency”

After completing the necessary training, you have to obtain a ‘certificate of proficiency.’ The proficiency certificate generally vouches for your suitability for the role of performing the electrical work. 

Step III: Garner the necessary work experience

You now have to garner the necessary work experience. No less than 12 months of the relevant electrical wiring experience is necessary for appropriate approvals. While garnering this experience, you are also required to familiarise yourself with the rules that govern the residential properties in Australia.

PS: Please note that experience here refers to that work that is performed upon the completion of the apprenticeship and which receives compensation.

Step IV: Apply for the necessary licensure

This last step demands that you apply for and obtain the necessary licenses. You submit your academic certificates and work credentials to the relevant state body in charge of certifications. Upon the successful review of your credentials, the state will give you the go-ahead to practice the trade.

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