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When a person is in need of electrical work they should look for a licensed electrician. They are trusting this person to make sure the electrical system and wiring in the home are safe. There are some services that are offered by a good electrician. The professionals at ElecSmith Electrical Services have qualified electricians on staff. We make sure all of our staff is fully licensed and trained. These are some services that our electricians will provide.

Installation and Upgrades

The switchboard is one of the most important power centers in a home. If the switchboard is old or not operating correctly then it is in the service of a licensed electrician. There are several services that can be done with the switchboard. An electrician may be able to move the location and make repairs as needed. They will also install a new switchboard if needed. They can integrate new circuits and make sure there is enough voltage to go around. If a person is having some issues such as power outages and the light flickering this can be due to a problem with the voltage and the switchboard. The electrician can fix this without a problem.


The electrician can safely handle all the wiring needs of the home. They may need to make repairs or install new wiring. If a person hears the electric panels making a buzzing sound this can be a sign that there is a problem. The lines may be releasing some currents that can lead to an electric shock. This can be a warning that there is a potential danger in the home. The licensed electrician will come to the home and inspect all of the wirings. They will inspect not only the wires but the outlets and receptors as well. All necessary tests will be performed. The electrician will then speak to the homeowner to determine the best course of action. In some cases, they may need to have a complete wire replacement.


If a person is having a skylight installed in their home this is the job of a licensed electrician. The skylight can make the room look nicer and it will add some natural light to the home. While skylights are common in commercial buildings they are becoming more common in the home. The plumber will have the experience for this and they will get the best use out of the natural light. They will help a person save electricity and will align the electric wires. If there is a motor in the skylight this is the job of an electrician.

Safety Installation

It is important that all buildings have smoke detectors with them. This is a safety measure for every household. Smoke detectors and carbon dioxide detectors are important for the safety of the home. To have these devices installed correctly a qualified electrician will need to be called. The electricians will make sure that the smoke alarm wiring is all good and they will check the alarms. They can also check detectors to make sure that the wiring is correct. This can be done for residential and commercial spaces.


More and more people are wanting to have generators installed in case of an emergency. Hospitals and other buildings also need generators to make sure everyone is safe and things continue to work properly. The electrician will need to make sure they are installed correctly and are in working order. They will need to make sure they are reliable and they will be dependable.

Emergency Services

Things happen all of the time. There may be an emergency service where power outages and other items are becoming a danger. There may be flooding and other issues where live wires potentially become dangerous. The electrician will need to handle this and other emergency services.

Installation of Cables

There are electrical lines outside of homes and businesses that need maintenance and repair. The electrician can handle all of the power lines, phone lines, and other cable lines. The electricians will need to make sure that all of the wires and the cable are working properly and that they are safe. They need to have the skills and the tools needed to handle all of this.

What to Look For

When hiring electricians for any of these services or for other services, a person must make sure they are fully licensed. They should also be insured. This will help protect the homeowner or the business owner if something goes wrong. They should be experienced and be able to handle all of these services. This will allow a person to know that they are getting quality services and that all of their wiring and other electrical work are done correctly and professionally.

When a person is in need of electrical services with quality service and qualified professionals then we at ElecSmith can provide top of the line electrical services and make sure that the wiring and electrical systems in your home are in safe working order.

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