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Once in a while, we may need to engage the services of licensed electricians, be it in our residential premises or for commercial purposes. These professionals work to install and also maintain anything power, electrical and its systems.

Moreover, electricians work to ensure the proper installation and maintenance of the electrical gadgets and machines in factories. Industries with many businesses seek these services.

Like you cannot imagine life without electricity, that is how vital these workmen are. Before its invention, people depended on candlelight and did not have any use of electrical outlets.

But now, electricity is a significant source of heat and light that everything goes to a standstill without it. This article focuses more on licensed electricians and their job descriptions.

Why should you engage a licensed electrician?

Thanks to electricity, it is possible for us to employ the web, warm our meals using the microwave, listen to radios, watch television- the list is endless. Otherwise, what we now know as ordinary life, would be much different. However, not many of us are equipped with the skills needed to successfully set up the electrical panels, outlets, wires, and other electrical terminologies.

And that is why licensed electricians are indispensable- they will handle all the electrical maintenance and installation for you. Since you can handle some residential repairs and whatnot, such as fitting or replacing your leaky faucet, it should not involve any electrical maintenance. Therefore, for any repairs that involve electricity and all its complexity, it would be best if you hired a professional electrician.


You can only expect a licensed electrician to undertake the troubleshooting and problem resolutions to identify the fault in your power system. The ElecSmith Electrical Services, for instance, will not only detect the problem but also find a suitable long-lasting solution.


One of the main reasons you should seek a licensed electrician’s services is for your safety, the security of your home and property, and your family’s protection. Anything power-related can be extremely hazardous, especially if you do not have the required security training, apt know-how, and the specified apparatus. If you attempt to do so, you will be putting your life at risk. Moreover, you could create potential safety threats of electrical shocks and fires to you and your family in case of incorrect repair.

Long-standing tranquility

Electrical maintenance can somewhat cause restlessness. And that is where a licensed electrician comes in handy- to protect your level-headedness. Like those from ElecSmith Electrical Services, professional electricians carry out electrical maintenance that will lengthen their lifespan and prevent future complications.

House rewiring

Besides basic electrical maintenance, licensed electricians are also equipped to carry out house rewiring. You may want to make your house more contemporary, or you have one under construction. To make it secure, you need an expert electrician to do all the wiring job. This includes switchboard fitting, safety switches, power points, lighting and light switches, data and phone outlets, and so on.

If you are looking to refurbish your home, go for the domestic electrical wiring. This ensures that all the old, degraded wiring is removed and replaced with modern and harmless replacements. Your family will be safe from potential electric fires and electrocution.

ElecSmith Electrical Services can offer the below services and much more.

Licensed electricians at ElecSmith Electrical Services

If you need a professional electrician, you should consider ElecSmith Electrical Services. This company is a family-owned, highly-experienced commercial and domestic electrical company with many years of experience. You can count on this company for comprehensive electrical services.

Anytime you need to install downlights, air conditioners, diagnose electrical breakdowns and faults, smoke detector upgrades, phone or data installations, switchboard services, and other electrical maintenance, it is the company to go for.

Services offered by ElecSmith Electrical Services

The approved electricians at ElecSmith offer various services, depending on the electrical issues you have. It would be best if you were familiar with the wide range of services they offer to know when to seek their services in case of an electrical emergency.

These range from TV antenna installation, security camera installation, CCTV installation, light installation to switchboard upgrades, electrical safety check, electrical maintenance, and house rewiring.

Why choose ElecSmith Electricians?

ElecSmith Electrical Services value integrity more than anything. You get what you pay for; we do not under-deliver, neither do they make any false promises. This company provides reliable and honest services. Moreover, we pride in the old-fashioned customer service, having the best-licensed electricians in Melbourne, and offer quality work.

The electricians are grade A certified, meaning we have your safety in mind. Moreover, we are affordable, pay attention to detail to ensure the job looks great, and always arrive on time. We use the latest technology in the electrical industry for best performance.

Licensed electrician qualifications

Expert electricians go through many hours of schooling, certification, and thorough on-the-job training before receiving their permits. This certification procedure guarantees that they can deliver outstanding work standards you cannot attain without the experience and training hours.

Anytime you need an electrician, you need to confirm whether they are a master electrician or a trainee. Also, ensure the corporation or firm they work with is authentic, approved, and insured

Do not risk your life hiring an untrained or unqualified electrician. Get the job done right the first time with ElecSmith Electrical Services. They offer a team of professional electricians that are qualified and equipped to provide a broad range of energy-efficient solutions for any of your electrical needs.

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