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An industrial electrician performs more or less similar tasks as a normal electrician. The only difference is that the former has gained more experience, training, and education, making them qualified for industrial electrical services. On the other hand, a residential electrician generally knows how to handle basic household or commercial appliances. Besides installing and repairing electrical components, an industrial electrician can also conduct electrical maintenance. Whether you need an industrial electrician to wire your devices or offer expert advice, the following information will be worth reading.

What is electrical maintenance?

Electrical maintenance involves replacing elements, repairing, monitoring and evaluating, and testing electrical systems. All these activities are performed by a qualified and licensed electrician who’s well versed with electric coding protocols.

Knowing how to handle complex machinery like generators, lighting systems, transformers, hydraulics, electrical machines, and digital communication is part of their role as industrial electricians. Unlike a regular electrician, an industrial electrician has extensive knowledge of handling larger equipment.

How to know if an industrial electrician is suitable for the job

Industrial electrical services vary depending on many factors, such as the nature of their tasks, specialized treatment they are looking to get, and many others. Getting a qualified industrial electrician can be easy if you pay attention to the following characteristics:

Their education training should match their hands-on experience

Owing to the sensitive nature of electrical activities, the last thing you want is to hire someone whose qualifications don’t match their hands-on experience. With a good education and training background, an electrician should know what to do without creating any fears in a client. Before hiring one, find out if they are reliable and knowledgeable from some of their previous clients. If they are working under a reputable company, you have every reason to hire them.

Good public relations skills

An electrician is supposed to perform electrical services without making any errors, but that won’t help unless they have good PR skills. You need someone who knows how to communicate with their team, industry managers, and other personnel working within your organization. Anything can happen during their line of duty. So, it would be best to find someone who will explain how electrical maintenance, repairs, and installation works in a way that any layman can understand. What they say should be effectively communicated within the industrial setting.

Is open to learning new things

Since an industrial electrician does their work on-site, it’s easier if they are open to learning new things. An electrician may find themselves working alongside complicated machines that they have never seen before in an industrial environment. Because their clients look up to them for help, developing a proactive attitude can help them perform their duties better.

Qualifications of an industrial electrician

An industrial electrician must possess the following qualifications:

A robust education and training background

While generally only your state electrician certification is required to become an industrial electrician, a technical diploma or associate’s degree in electrical and mechanical technology may also be advantageous. They should also have testimonials proving their internship from professional organizations and associations. In addition, they should undergo apprenticeship programs on specialized equipment they may wish to focus on.

Experience in handling complex electrical machinery

An industrial setting involves complex electrical machinery which an inexperienced electrician might have never seen before. A qualified industrial electrician’s skills should include the following:

  • Knowledge in building and construction
  • Physical capability to utilize, fix and maintain machinery and tools
  • Good troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
  • Good hands-on skills
  • Pay attention to detail to produce satisfactory results
  • Excellent math knowledge to understand and solve technical tasks


If you’re in Melbourne, Australia, find out if the industrial electrician has a valid license to perform electrical maintenance in that area. A good one, for that matter, should have no problem producing such crucial documents.

When to hire an industrial electrician

Given the dynamic nature of industrial settings, hiring an industrial electrician can be a good idea. These professionals are well-endowed with skills for installing new electrics, from lighting to wiring new equipment. Since you want to protect your employees and your property, it would be best to hire an industrial electrician.

You may also need them for repairs or ongoing electrical maintenance. Considering how unpredictable electrical machinery and equipment are, it’s easier to entrust them with someone who knows how they operate. Electrical maintenance can save you lots of money if you stick to it. All you need is to call an industrial electrician to troubleshoot the issue and devise the most suitable solutions to fix it. You can also retain them for routine maintenance.

If you have an electrical emergency, an industrial electrician can also come to inspect and treat the problem no matter the time of day or night. They already understand how things can change in the span of a second, which is why they are ready to help. If you find someone who is excellent in their work ,responds in the shortest time possible, then try to build up a relationship with them by giving them the majority of your general electrical work.

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