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Whether you are a heavy or light electric power user, choosing the right switchboard upgrade for your home or office is vital. An electric switchboard is to a power system what the human heart is to the body. It works by distributing power to various appliances in your home. Look at it this way; the heart relies on vessels like arteries to circulate blood to the rest of the organs in your body. Similarly, an electrical switchboard divides power into smaller components and distributes it across various devices.

In the event of a power surge or frequent outages, you likely wonder if it is time to upgrade your electrical switchboard. Your biggest worry is if the product you intend to purchase will protect your devices from electrical mishaps. While the internet and local stores are perfect places to source recommendations, it would be best to seek advice from a qualified electrician. Read on to find out why you should do so.

What an electrician does

Generally, an electrician is a professional who diagnoses electrical problems and devises suitable solutions to keep your devices up and running. Besides that, they offer professional advice regarding the best switchboard upgrades to allow for more electrical current. If you have gadgets that have a higher electrical demand, switchboard upgrades will do the trick.

The types of services an electrician can render

There are many reasons for upgrading your switchboard, but the most significant is safety. The size and age of your switchboard significantly affect power distribution in your home. The last thing you want is to encounter electrical hazards like tripping or overload. If you are going through either problem, it is time you asked an electrical expert for help.

Besides calculating your power usage requirements, an electrician can recommend an ideal product for you. Upgrading your switchboard with the help of a qualified professional assures safety for you and your family. Most probably, your old switchboard isn’t compliant with the latest regulations, but they can help you with that.

Why it’s good to use an electrician when upgrading your switchboard

If you aren’t sure if your home needs an upgrade or complete replacement, an electrician can help you make the wisest decision. We’ve compiled reasons for calling your electrician to install it for you:

1. Ensuring your switchboard upgrade is compliant with safety requirements

Like any other place in Australia, Melbourne’s electrical safety requirements, wiring standards, and work practices keep changing. Considering you have no up-to-date information regarding these measures, calling in an electrician who already knows what you need would be safer.

2. Providing quality-assuring switchboard installation, repair, and maintenance services

You are already aware that a switchboard is the heart of the electrical system in your home. Your next step is finding someone to install, upgrade or repair it for you. a good electrician should know which upgrade is suitable for distributing power to your appliances, no matter how big or small.

3. Tailoring suitable upgrading solutions for high power usage

Every day, the need for power usage keeps increasing. The old switchboards are unable to cope with the demand for more power. Because of this, more homes are subject to fires and electrical hazards. To protect you and those around you, the next logical thing to do is to call your electrician to upgrade it for you.

4. Improving your safety switches

The latest switchboard designs have a power-point circuit that can protect every home from such accidents. If your home’s switchboard hasn’t been upgraded or replaced yet, it is time to call an electrician.

5. Getting rid of unsafe ceramic fuses

Did you know that conventional ceramic fuses are one of the leading causes of electrical accidents? Gone are the days when people had electric fuses. Any invention is meant to simplify life, and this is a concept that fuses don’t obey. Worse still, a simple mistake may cause overheating and other potential problems. If you still have an old fuse, it is time you consulted your electrician about the best switchboard upgrade.

6. Introducing eco-friendly products to people’s homes

No one wants to spend the rest of their lives nursing a disease caused by something present in their homes. Asbestos, which was previously used in backing panels, poses health risks to humans and animals. This mostly happens when they are damaged or poorly applied. The modern-day electrician already knows the implications of using asbestos. They strive to use eco-friendly products to protect you and your family from long-term risks.

Talk to ElecSmith Electrical about upgrading your old switchboard

There is no denying that your home needs a switchboard upgrade or complete replacement as a measure to protect yourself from electrical risks. At ElecSmith Electrical Services, we are ready to provide electrical services to homes, businesses, and industrial settings in Melbourne and its surrounding areas. We have over 35 years of combined experience in the electrical industry, guaranteeing you safety.

When we come to your location, the first thing we do is inspect your switchboard. If it is an old one, we will recommend the most effective and up-to-date product that matches power consumption in your home. If it is broken, we will repair it. Call us now, and we will assign our representative to handle your needs.



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