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Do you need to get some wiring in your office done or in a big commercial building? There are some tasks that you need to do before you start the project. One of those tasks is engaging a commercial electrician to do the proper job. Any electrical system’s success depends on a reputable and qualified team of professionals to complete the work. At ElecSmith Electrical Services, we have licensed commercial electricians who have the ability and the experience to handle new electrical projects, pre-existing electrical problems, or any emergency situations.

What a commercial electrician does

A commercial electrician specialises in electrical systems of commercial buildings such as office buildings, shopping malls, apartments, restaurants, medical centers, sports facilities, and government buildings.


Installation of an electric system is one of the main tasks of a commercial electrician. It involves running cables and wiring the entire commercial complex or building. First, the electrician will create a plan to where all the cables will go and ensure each line is routed correctly. While doing this, the electrician must follow very strict codes, keeping all wires hidden and safe from being damaged. Sometimes they have to run the cables in a tunnel for everyone’s safety. A professional commercial electrician needs to map a detailed plan before setting up an electrical system of any commercial property.

Diagnosing and Repairing

A commercial electrician will keep your commercial building free from electrical hazards. This is by inspecting the electrical system frequently and identifying any electrical mishap. A qualified electrician should also handle both simple and large repairs.

Emergency Service

If electrical emergencies happen at inconvenient times, the electrician should be available to offer immediate service and emergency electrical repair. Engage us at ElecSmith Electrical Services for any emergency situation. We’ll send a certified electrician to assess and fix the issue regardless of the time of the day.


Another important aspect of commercial electrical work is maintenance. Large buildings require a lot of maintenance and service work on a regular basis. The lighting, phone, and heating systems of the building should function at optimum levels. It is recommended to have an annual maintenance schedule with a commercial electrician to keep everything working properly.

Why it’s good to use a commercial electrician

Commercial electricians are specially trained to be able to handle very large projects in an organized way. They also come with a lot of benefits, including;

Ensuring building’s safety

Your workplace should always be safe, not only for your employees but for everyone who visits the building. With the right commercial electrician, you can be sure that the lighting system will be installed properly; the wiring will be done with precision ensuring everyone’s safety. Also, the electrician will abide by all local codes of compliance, following all the safety protocols.

Use of Industry approved equipment

Commercial electricians use the best and latest electrical equipment in the industry to provide appropriate and precise solutions. The use of high quality tools and materials will also ensure your electrical system will not be a threat to you and everyone occupying the building.

Save energy and money

Proper electrical installations guarantee the use of energy-saving equipment. Our team at ElecSmith Electrical Services has good knowledge of using the right kinds of cables, connectors, and other materials that conserve energy and make sure that you will not end up paying high electricity bills. We also offer audits about how much energy your building uses or consumes at a given time.

Prompt and Top Notch Service

A licensed commercial electrician offers the best services and in a prompt manner. At ElecSmith Electrical Services, we are reliable. We will promptly respond to your call any time of the day, advise you on what should be done to solve all the problems, as well as offer you a comprehensive report of the entire installation or repair done in your building.

How to choose the best Commercial Electrician

When seeking a commercial electrician’s services, it is always helpful to make sure they are up for the job. The decision should also not be rushed. Here are the top things to consider;

Licensed and Certified

Most countries, including Australia, require commercial electricians to be licensed and certified. This confirms that they are qualified and have specific expertise to carry out various projects. The commercial electrician is supposed to have their licenses with them at all times or display them on their websites. So it’s crucial to look up these licenses to confirm there are current and legitimate.

Bonded and Insured

The best commercial electricians are fully bonded and insured. This gives you peace of mind because if an accident occurs when a commercial electrician is servicing your building, you can easily make an insurance claim.


Only settle for an experienced commercial electrician who has a wide portfolio. This way, you will be sure that they can undertake a job of any magnitude. You can also look for references and testimonials from the people who hired them. ElecSmith Electrical Services has 35 years of combined experience; this assures you that we are good at the job.

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