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An industrial electrician is a tradesman who specialises in a wide range of functions that include electrical controls, electrical equipment and electrical wiring in industrial premises. The work of an industrial electrician involves trying out, troubleshooting, installing and repairing components of electricity in a warehouse, factory or any other production area.


Duties and responsibilities of an industrial electrician

Industrial electricians are mainly responsible for handling many tasks on a daily basis to enable the smooth operation of equipment used in production and manufacturing. The following are some of the common duties and responsibilities;


Installation of new systems

Industrial electricians are usually tasked with this responsibility of installing new or updated electrical equipment for industries or factories. They usually perform some tests to make sure that the new equipment is ready to be used and address any issues before it is put into use on a daily basis.


Troubleshoot electrical equipment problems

It is the work of industrial electricians to determine the specific issues when electrical equipment in a factory develop some problems. They usually have the necessary knowledge and expertise to identify problems with the many types of machinery and determine why one is not functioning well.


Repair and maintenance of electrical equipment

After the troubleshooting process has been completed, industrial electricians have to perform the necessary repairs on the electrical equipment use the right tools and replacement parts. They are also tasked with performing regular maintenance of electrical equipment to avoid breakdowns or poor functioning.


Keeping logs and records

It is always advisable for industrial electricians to make and manage reports related to any repair or maintenance of industrial equipment. This important information can be used by managers to determine when the equipment needs to be replaced or upgraded. It provides a record of issues on the equipment as well as proof that maintenance has been done as required.


Advantages of hiring a certified industrial electrician

The systems that are installed in industrial areas or commercial premises are usually very complicated, of high voltage and sophisticated. These systems, therefore, require industrial electricians who are competent and qualified to deal with them. The importance of using certified and well equipped industrial electricians include;

They help reduce any risks when installing or making repairs on the industrial equipment. Less qualified and inexperienced electricians may make some mistakes which can lead to damage to expensive machinery or cause fires that are very hazardous.

They usually perform their work with a lot of expertise and ensure that the final result is satisfying. They are very qualified and competent and one is always assured that quality work is done.

Their services are usually of a certain set standard by a regulatory body. Industrial electricians require licenses before starting to offer their services.


Qualifications needed for an industrial electrician

  • Vocational training
  • Apprenticeship for at few years
  • Licensing from the necessary bodies.


Owners of commercial buildings or industries are always advised to hire industrial electricians with a lot of experience in the field. This is because they usually have the necessary skills and expertise to perform even complex issues related to electrical equipment and systems.

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