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The needs of qualified industrial electricians are vast and vary significantly. Whether you own a business specialsing in horticulture, agriculture, assembling industry, manufacturing industry, laser electrical, or even mining, having a reliable industrial electrician is essential for smooth operations in your company.

We also ensure that our contractors are updated with all the current safety and health practices. In addition to that, we provide that the working environment and all construction sites are safe for use before commencing or proceeding with work.

At ElecSmith Electrical Services, our workers are frequently trained on the latest technologies. We are always happy to offer advice on essential safety practices and other vital tips that will benefit your company. We understand that maintaining and offering service to your company is highly essential as it enhances your workers’ safety, improves productivity, and maximizes efficiency. From new installations to programming your facilities, coming up with solutions, and offering maintenance services, we will do our best to help you.

What Is an Industrial Electrician?

Suppose you are not familiar with the term industrial electricians, in layman terms. In that case, these are electricians who test, repair as well as maintain electrical devices and equipment on an industrial scale. This means that industrial electricians often work in plants, industries, factories and mines.

This type of electrician requires advanced expertise and knowledge to handle some of the sophisticated and complex industrial equipment. Many industrial electricians in Australia specialise in steel production, mining, car manufacturing companies and electrical firms. Industrial electricians perform all types of tasks but focus on pneumatic, hydraulic and other types of operative machinery.

In addition to basic tasks, industrial electricians need to have skills in robotics along with other specialised machines used in industries. Usually, they report to the maintenance supervisor or facility manager and are also accountable for performing maintenance, repairs as well as safety checks.

Industrial Electricians Services

Industrial electricians are known to offer an array of services, and at ElecSmith Electrical Services, our industrial electricians provide the following services:

  • Automation and control, including motors and machinery.
  • DIP or dust and ignition proof in different areas, including hazardous locations.
  • Thermographic scanning, circuit training, switchboard labeling as well as identification.
  • Lighting design including specialized, emergency, exit as well as general lighting.

We offer both scheduled and preventative maintenance as well as installations and project management:

  • RCD testing, testing, and tagging along with safety switches.
  • Emergency services, repairs, and fault finding.
  • Energy efficiency, solar, power factor correction, lighting, and surge protection.
  • Data and communication through audio and visual.

When Should One Use Industrial Electricians?

Industrial electricians are vital for running large industries smoothly and enhancing the safety of the workers and efficiency of all machines, and understanding how to operate them. You will need an industrial electrician if you need to carry out the following duties;

  • Troubleshooting any electrical apparatus.
  • Installing a new electrical system.

Maintaining and repairing electrical equipment

In addition to that, industrial electrical should have apprenticeship training for several years under his or her belt and will need to have relevant qualifications and certificates. Since most industries feature different electrical and power needs, unlike other electrical profession avenues, an industrial electrician will have to be very flexible, skilled, and adaptive to handling systems with significantly high voltage and other complicated electrical equipment in an industry.

Why Is It Good To Use Industrial Electricians?

Industrial electricians are of utmost importance in every sphere of the industry. Industries cannot run and operate smoothly without them. Since electricity is vital for operating all the machines in the industry, an industrial electrician is essential. They will facilitate the installation and maintenance of the machine and ensure that they run smoothly.

And since industrial electricians have huge responsibilities on their shoulders, they will have to go through intensive education, exposure, and apprenticeship before becoming certified industrial electrical workers. Once they become certified and allowed to practice, industrial electricians will have top-notch skills that will be of utmost importance in offering smooth operations in an industry.

Therefore, if you need to not only improve productivity, smooth operation, and safety of workers in your factory, you will need to invest in an industrial electrician. At ElecSmith Electrical Services, you are guaranteed to get the best of the best industrial electricians with experience, skills, and knowledge that will benefit your company.

Final Words

Usually, electricians are not one size fits all professionals. There are many skills and job focuses for different electricians, from residential to commercial and industrial electricians. Therefore, if you are looking for an electrician who will help in running and maintaining your company’s machines, you should consider going for industrial electricians. And at ElecSmith Electrical Services, you are guaranteed to receive everything you want when it comes to industrial electrical services.

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