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When you want to use a television, microwave, or fridge, power is needed. Electricity is beneficial in our daily lives— from homes to running pieces of machinery in industries, but sometimes it can be too dangerous. For example, you may have built your new home in Melbourne or relocated to a new home in Victoria, and you realise lights are flickering. In this case, you will need to know where the problem is. Doing it yourself may be challenging and requires an assessment from an electrician.

An electrician will save you future costs by adequately planning to accommodate the appliances that you may install. He/she will also advise you on how to ensure safety and improve power efficiency.

When do you need to rewire?

It may be confusing to decide when to do electrical rewiring, but the following are some of the signs to tell you “it’s time to do the rewiring”:

  • When lights continue to flicker or blow out more often.
  • Regular replacing of circuit breakers and fuses due to blowing.
  • When sparks or a buzzing sound comes from the mains.
  • When burnt smells are felt in the consumer box or most of the wires are discolored
  • To update the old electrical system and replace it to accommodate the modern one and comply with the regulation.

What is meant by electrical rewiring?

Electrical rewiring refers to building new electrical wiring to a building, house, or electrical appliances. Electricians play an essential role in the field of electricity. Between power failures, other projects such as reworking devices or appliances, electrical safety inspection, cabling and lighting installations, CCTV installation, and correcting any electric problem.

The following are some of the roles of electricians:

  • Design and installation of electrical cables, equipment, or appliances in local electrical code.
  • Assess and test the continuity of electrical circuits and systems.
  • Plan the layout, lay conduit pipes, partitions and put the wires in them.
  • Set up, assemble, and maintain electrical wiring.

As seen from the typical roles of an electrician, it is a sophisticated and dangerous job that requires one to consider a professional who has the right qualifications. In Australia, an electrician must be registered with bodies like the Electrical Licensing Board and given a license for operation.

Why you need rewiring

Electrical rewiring, which may involve replacing your damaged, old and ineffective electrical system, is not only a good thing but ensures your electrical appliances in your home are safe, and no risk that involves electricity can occur. Other reasons include:

  • National Electric Code requires old wiring to comply with the local electrical code and installing GFCIs, AFCs in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • To improve your electrical system to a way that it can accommodate all your appliances without overloading the circuit.
  • To improve safety in case of a torn naked wire which might pose a severe risk like shock and fire outbreak.
  • To place switches in a convenient place and install circuit breakers to provide overall safety.
  • To update your old electrical wiring and make it modern.

Process of rewiring

Electrical rewiring is an important and complicated process that isn’t advisable to DIY; expertise in electrical wiring is needed. It may involve a team of electricians or an electrician who removes your entire house wiring by digging up the wall, floorboards, or ceiling to remove conduit pipes, sockets, circuit breakers, switches, and relaying a new set.

This electrical rewiring process is disruptive, but after it is done, you will now look organized, place your appliances where it is comfortable for you, and improve general safety in your home. In addition, when a house is undergoing renovation, electrical rewiring needs to be completed alongside heat system installation and plumbing before plastering and decoration.

How to choose an electrician?

When you google “electrician near me” or “electrician in Melbourne,” the results will be unending, and now the big question comes when you want one who will suit you best. To know a good electrician, check whether;

  1. They are registered and have a license from the authority.
  2. They have good customer ratings and reviews in terms of service delivery.
  3. They serve residential, commercial, or emergency electrical needs.
  4. They fit your budget.


According to the latest statistics, many of the residential fires in Australia are caused by electrical faults. Fires will destroy property or even result in injuries or death; this will be sad if you were not able to prevent and fix the cause. To ensure your electrical wiring is safe, and when you detect anything faulty, don’t hesitate to consult an electrician.

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