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Electrical safety is an essential part of your house. It’s needless to say that electricity is perhaps the most important and beneficial thing in your house. Without electricity, your life may come to a standstill.

But, electricity may not always have a bright side. If you don’t take proper safety measures electricity can provide some fatal results.

Why electrical safety is important?

To safeguard your children

You shouldn’t have any leakage or electrical shorts in the wiring of your house. Electrical shorts can be dangerous to children playing. Young children are extremely inquisitive and often touch plug points which can be very dangerous. If you have proper electrical safety, then you and your children will be safe in your house.

To avoid short circuits in your electrical Appliances

Nowadays, almost all appliances require electricity to operate. If you have proper electrical wiring in your house, you can save these appliances from any type of short circuits. Short circuits often lead to major problems with appliances causing money to be spent on repairs.

Moreover, proper electrical wiring can help you to run appliances such as TV, refrigerator, AC, dishwasher, dryer, security cameras, computers and more. Without you realising it, your home requires a significant amount of electricity just to keep the essentials going.

Your energy bill

If you have no leakage in your house’s wiring, then you can save a good amount on energy bill. So, you should always have an upgraded electrical wiring system in your house.

Why do you need an electrician for the electrical safety of your house and business?

An expert electrician can check any type of leakages in the electrical wiring of your house. It’s quite difficult for you to check the electrical faults in your house. Moreover, it can be extremely dangerous to work with electricity unless you know exactly what you are doing.  

You should always call a licensed electrician from ElecSmith. Only a licensed electrician can guarantee the safety (electrical) of your house and business.

Why ‘ElecSmith’ is the best for the electrical safety of your house and business?


ElecSmith is a popular electrical company in Melbourne. We have been providing excellent electrical safety services for many years. So, we know what is right for your home and business.

Expert Team

Our company has an expert team and we do our work with precision and perfection. We offer domestic services and commercial services.


All our electricians are fully licensed.

Advanced Technology

We use advanced technology and latest equipment to fix any type of electrical problems in your house.


You can rely on the services of ElecSmith. We pride ourselves on being punctual. If we are running late, you will receive a call or text message letting you know.


ElecSmith does our best to keep prices affordable.

Excellent Customer Service

As a complete Australian Company, we offer highly satisfying customer service. We never ignore any of their customer’s demands.

Other Services Of this Company

We offer many types of electrical services. This includes:

  • Light installation,
  • CCTV
  • Safety switches
  • Alarm systems
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • security systems and much more

ElecSmith has a huge amount of satisfied customers. Our team is truly dedicated to their services. We are experienced, affordable and reliable.

ElecSmith are your local licensed electrical contractors. We specialise in:

  • Light installation
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Domestic electrical work
  • Commercial electrical work
  • Industrial electricians
  • Electrical faults
  • Electrical safety

To book an appointment, please call our friendly team on 0404 027 457. Our team is ready to service you in Melbourne.


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