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Proper electrical rewiring is critical to property safety. If something goes wrong, the key is to find a skilled company like ElecSmith that can fix it before it causes further problems. Rewiring not only aligns the value of the home with the latest developments in safety standards but also increases the efficiency of the power system by replacing outdated technologies designed to reduce usage.


With the rewiring service, your property will be brought into the 21st century, and you can be assured that all of the cabling is up to date and functioning correctly.


Affordable home and business electrical rewiring services

ElecSmith is at your service with extensive experience in providing reliable rewiring services. For many years, electrician Melbourne has been re-routing projects of all sizes to handle the rewiring of homes and businesses.


Wiring the office or home is very important. Wiring that requires repair or improper installation may result in fire or blown fuse damage. To protect the integrity of your property, please contact ElecSmith for electrical rewiring.


Electrical rewiring help in home maintenance

If you consider the life expectancy of a home or other part of the business, you won’t be surprised by the need for wiring changes during the life of your property. 


Consulting professional electric services is the surest way to ensure that your wiring is up-to-date – because the wiring is not immediately visible, it is easy to imagine that things are still going well, so if you don’t have professionally trained eyes, never know how much damage your system has.


Many homes have not been well maintained over the years, as homes have been sold and rented. Before you buy a home, we can provide services in your area and provide you with a diagnosis that tells you what needs to happen so that you can fix all the problems even before moving in.


Maintaining electricity in your home is critical. You should have the contractor inspect the wires every six months to one year to ensure that no fires will occur and that there will be no power outages or emergencies. If you are already experiencing an emergency, you can contact us now for service. 


With electrical rewiring service, your property will be protected from extensive damage from improper wiring. Just as technology is changing, electrical rewiring needs are changing. Many older homes have knobs and bushings or aluminum wires that do not meet today’s electrical codes. 

Electrical rewiring experts Evaluate different homes to meet the current standard

ElecSmith can evaluate various homes to today’s standards, making them more efficient and safer. Modern homes use safer copper wires and enough dedicated circuitry to run equipment at home safely. The electricians can rewire your home and can make the house look better and have less risk of fire due to wire failure.


ElecSmith are your local licensed electrical contractors. We specialise in:

  • Light installation
  • Electrical maintenance
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Domestic electrical work
  • Commercial electrical work
  • Industrial electricians
  • Electrical faults
  • Electrical safety
  • Air conditioning installation


To book an appointment, please call our friendly team on 0404 027 457. Our team is ready to service you in Melbourne. 

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