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It is rare to find any residential house without electricity these days. The main reason is most of the appliances that we use either at home or in the office depend on electricity. With this installed, there rises a great risk of electric fire or potential economic losses when the appliances have electric shorts, as some could be very expensive. We can also agree that we all have had an experience of a power failure which caused us to go without electricity. This was maybe because of a fault that wasn’t handled in time or was poorly done. 

Therefore, when hiring an expert to handle your domestic electrical services, there is a need to have someone experienced and well-versed in the field. They should also be able to run cables through walls and in the ground and know what sizes of wire to use to prevent overload resulting in a major catastrophe. Therefore, for someone to be qualified as a domestic electrician, he should have completed a training course from a qualified institution and consistently worked under a certified electrician for a significant amount of time. The work experience would depend on the exposure and amount of time spent working. Some of these domestic electrical services that they handle include the ones listed below.

Electric Wiring or Rewiring

When you have a new home or remodeling an old one, electrical wiring is one of the main areas to keep a keen eye on. Poorly done initial installations are potential hazards waiting to be triggered. Some people ignore all signs and go for substandard services due to either price or lack of knowledge. After a while, their new home becomes a nest for constant electrical faults or even worse, they experience electric fires even before they can completely settle in. They then have to have the whole house checked and the electrical system redone, which causes additional costs, not to mention the already done damages.

 Another area that demands an experienced professional is doing a major renovation in your home that includes a part of the electrical system. Any major change in the electrical installation could affect the entire electrical system in your home. Whether it is an additional garage or you want to convert your loft, a professional hand should handle the electrical installation to ensure nothing is overlooked and there is no potential risk to your home. It is also advised that if your home is more than 25 years old, you should perform a complete rewiring. This is because the potential risks from wear and tear are too high.

Electrical Faults

Electrical faults and repairs are inevitable for any place that uses electricity. Your electrician should be capable of giving a comprehensive repair and maintenance service covering all areas, from electrical panels to the electric outlets in the house. Sometimes, the damage might be too extensive for repair and thus may require replacement. Therefore, your electrician should advise on the best method of handling your issue. Domestic electrical services also entail advising when an appliance requires an upgrade. Having upgraded electrical fittings and appliances ensures higher levels of safety and energy efficiency. If the house is too old, some circuit breakers may not function properly and thus might not prevent a fault when it happens. Therefore, it is the work of a domestic electrician to ensure that the safety measures are taken through constant maintenance and checking that the emergency appliances like the circuit breakers, fuses, and lightning arrestors are working.

Switchboard installation and maintenance

A switchboard is one of the most important areas in which your electrician should be completely competent. It is the common ground where electricity is distributed to other areas in the house or office. All main wires, fuses or circuit breakers are installed at the switchboard. A switchboard can divide power into panelboards or smaller branch circuits that later connect to the final electrical unit. If the house is small, the switchboard feeds power directly to the end electrical units. A panelboard has similar functions as a switchboard but has a limited incoming current limit. Main switchboards can operate up to much higher incoming current limits depending on the main supply to the property. Being the central source of electricity in the house, the electrician should be capable of identifying the types of wires to use, maintenance services required and whether the safety equipment like the trip switches and earth leakages are installed correctly. Any loose connections should be handled immediately as they also pose high risks of overheating, damaging electrical appliances and worst of all, electrical fires.

Elecsmith Electricians have you covered

Some people take electrical works lightly and equate them with simple tasks like light installations. However, as seen above, there is more to domestic electrical services than just fixing a few wires. You could potentially rebuild an entire house because of a minor overlook. 

If you are in Melbourne or the surrounding area, Elecsmith Electricians have you covered. You do not have to worry about looking for an electrician or spend a lot of time performing due diligence for safety purposes. Our electricians have unmatched knowledge and years of experience in the field. They perform all kinds of domestic electrical services, including maintenance, house wiring and rewiring, CCTV installations and other repairs. Do not risk your home or work by getting substandard electrical services. If you’re looking for an electrician in Melbourne, contact Elecsmith Electricians and leave it to the experts.

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