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All you need to know about a commercial electrician

You have probably come across the term commercial electrician and you may not be entirely sure of what it means. Well, a commercial electrician is a licensed and trained professional who deals solely with electrical systems and wiring in commercial buildings. 

Essentially, commercial electricians focus on bigger systems that are commonly used in large buildings such as restaurants, shopping malls, restaurants, and government buildings. This article will help you understand everything you need to know about commercial electricians.

Type of work done by a commercial electrician

As stated earlier commercial electricians maintain, install, and repair all electrical systems in large commercial buildings. The difference between residential buildings and commercial buildings is usually the size. Commercial buildings are usually large when compared to residential buildings and their electrical systems are complicated. The duties of a commercial electrician include the following:

  • Maintaining electrical systems
  • Installation of exit and emergency lighting
  • Installing electrical components and wiring such as lights and switches
  • Upgrading and inspecting switchboards
  • Fixing and diagnosing electrical components
  • Inspecting electrical systems
  • Data and phone installation
  • Using and interpreting technical drawings
  • Planning new electrical systems during construction
  • Training apprentices and leading electrical teams

Licensing and training for commercial electricians

Licensing and training for residential and commercial electricians are done separately in many states. Both the power and wiring used in commercial settings are quite different from those used in residential buildings, and therefore the training and licensing need to be done separately. Residential buildings use one-phase power, while commercial buildings use three-phase power. Commercial electricians need a unique kind of training so that they can deal with this huge power difference.

Commercial electricians need classroom hours from certified institutions, on-the-job learning, and tons of experience in the workplace before they become fully certified. Apprenticeship training is the best way that an individual can become a qualified commercial electrician. If you plan on becoming a commercial electrician, you need to do extensive research on the electrical schools and institutions near you that can help you achieve your goals.

Tips to help you pick the right commercial electrician

Knowledge and experience is critical

Commercial electric work is complex and unique, therefore you need a commercial electrician with years of experience and the required knowledge. To ensure your building will have quality electrical systems that are safe, the experience is very important.

Capability to meet the demand

You need a commercial electrician that can meet the demand you require for your commercial building. Commercial electric work is rapidly changing and it includes very diverse settings that require a lot of work during installation and repairs.

Proper licensing and training

Commercial buildings cost a lot of capital to construct and maintain, you must pick a commercial electrician who is properly trained and licensed. Proper training is also important to ensure the work done is top-quality and long-lasting


Commercial electricians are important especially in these modern times, where commercial buildings are constructed often. Commercial buildings are a huge investment and you need to ensure that you hire a qualified and trained professional when dealing with every aspect during construction and maintenance.

ElecSmith are your local licensed electrical contractors. We specialise in:

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  • Commercial electrical work
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  • Air conditioning installation

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